Thursday, 19 January 2017

Case Law search & Equity in Law

This blog is an attempt to create a structure of useful case laws in particular context of legal procedure of the courts. From perspective of law the term equtability is something very similar to this concept.

Tabular format of the list of authorities outlining some suggested relevancy of the case law commonly used in various law journals. To comply with court procedures, list of authorities are usually prepared and submitted separately with written submission to any court when applicant uses cases as references in his submission. [Ex: (sxy v. yxz) at list of authorities]

Pages of this blog are mainly area of legal practice where pages like following are very basic requirements to enter the academia of law or the law as a discipline.

1. Legal terms and definitions.
2. Error of law & legal procedure of the court
3. Inherent power & Actual fraud.

Specialized sectors of law as below [Jurisdictions of the court = federal or state] :

1. Common Law
2. Employment Law
3. Copyright Law
4. Migration Law
5. Taxation Law